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Customer Testimonials

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Read how other companies are using Solstice Propellant to make their products more sustainable and even help customers earn carbon credits.
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Solchim S.p.A., Specialty Aerosols Company, Replaces R-134a with Solstice Propellant
"Our stringent safety requirements and a new environmental regulation led Solchim S.p.A. to select Solstice Propellant for its novelty aerosol products. The combination of non-flammability and low GWP are unique, ....

Dr. Giuseppe Enrico Ciani, Solchim S.p.A. (Volcke group)
HK Wentworth Group, an industrial products company selling to markets around the world, leverages the low carbon benefits of Solstice Propellant in its air-dusters and freezer sprays
“Environmental responsibility is at the core of the HK Wentworth way of working and so when the opportunity came to utilize a low-global-warming-potential propellant in some of our key products, ....

Jade Bridges, HK Wentworth Ltd
Produits Sanitaires Aeronefs successfully tested Honeywell Solstice Propellant for on-board insecticide
“In an airplane, safety is a paramount. Using flammable substances on board or when cleaning the interior or exterior of the plane can be tricky. Therefore we conducted thorough tests ....

Joel Rivet, Produits Sanitaires Aeronefs
Home Safeguard Industries Chooses Solstice™ Propellant for Fire Safety Testing
“Safety while testing smoke detectors is our business. In the past our industry has used hydrocarbons and HFC-134a to test fire and smoke detectors. Solstice™ Propellant, a low-global-warming-potential product, allows us to differentiate our products in the market and meet the needs of the environmentally-conscious segment of the industry. A combination of ultra low environmental impact and non-flammability is a real market differentiator.”

Margaret Feiter, Home Safeguard Industries
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