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A New Way to Spray

With zero ozone depletion potential and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1, Solstice® Propellant is part of Honeywell´s innovative low-GWP platform

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Honeywell Solstice® materials have GWPs 99.9% lower than the products they replace.

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What's New

Honeywell Survey Shows Consumer Appetite for Aerosols Grows As Outdated Notions Fade

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Solstice Propellant for Aerosols – an ultra-low GWP solution
Honeywell's Solstice Propellant is the only non-flammable, ultra-low-global-warming-potential (GWP) propellant available today. Solstice Propellant offers a win-win for both aerosol fillers and the environment, with exceptional performance in each of the areas that matter most. Be in compliance with global regulations and stay ahead of the competition by switching from 134a and other high GWP blends to the newest innovation from Honeywell. Your customers will appreciate being able to add sustainability to their product benefits.
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